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    Wedding is the most beautiful day in one’s life and wedding invitations is the first stamp which describes what kind of wedding is going too held. However the biggest drawback is world is following the trend of same kind of wedding cards. Now you are blessed with much kind of unique cards with different kind of wordings and styles that will make invitees attracted. You can even use your mind to give some special and creative look to your card. It would definitely cast a spell on the mind of the guest. Your card will become more unique and attractive once the special effect is added to it.
    There are many ways in which you can add this special look to your card. Few of them are as follows:
    1) Scrolling cards- scrolling although is one of the traditional means of wedding invitations and were used by royal people in past times. You can add contemporary look to the card by adding beads or different writing style or with trendy material. It will give a very unique look to the card.
    2) Reversed kind of mirror invitations- Many invitation are available in the market to make your wedding day so extraordinary. All the wordings of the card are written in such kind that you can only read with the aid of mirror. It cannot be read through naked eye and you can only read them through mirrors only. You need to place a mirror before messages to make it easier for reader to read.
    3) Invitations made by hand- Add the extreme of creativity to your card by crafting handmade cards. You can put yours and your groom’s picture in the card. Wedding theme could be incorporated along with the card.
    These methods could add more excitement to your wedding and can make it more memorable for you.


    The Monument – Attractions in London


    It may accept not been the best time to ascend the 311 accomplish of Christopher Wren’s freestanding rock cavalcade but in animosity of it getting freezing algid and snowy, The Monument did not disappoint. In the bosom of the active City-limits of London’s bartering trade, animated city-limits workers and blatant bars, sits this arresting yet tucked abroad structure serviced apartments london.

    Of course, if you were to analyze the panoramas of The Monument to the angle from one of the bottle pods spinning about the London eye or even the amazing vistas from sky-scrapping examination platforms of the Shard, again you may acquisition it hardly modest. But as a Londoner agog to acquaintance and adore aggregate our basic has to avowal about, I feel a cruise up this arresting colonnade is account it.

    What can you see from up there? Well you can airing about the centre already you accept recovered from the stairs and see the City-limits of London, its old streets, its new streets, top acceleration barrio getting put calm section by piece, The Gherkin, The Shard, The Razor, St Pauls Cathedral, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, City-limits Hall, Canary Wharf and the arresting gold ablaze urn symbolising The Great Fire which devastated our admired city-limits in 1666.

    It should aswell be acclaimed that during its contempo advance The Monument was adapted with a 24 hour across-the-board camera that annal every minute of the weather, architecture and arena action in the Square Mile. The accomplish are steep, it have to be said, and the way up is absolutely the aforementioned way down which agency there can be a bit of bottleneck either way. There are aswell tiny windows on the stairwell that action quick glimpses of the alfresco world.